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What is ReddyYeti?

ReddyYeti is an outdoor hub dedicated to supporting outdoor organizations who are making phenomenal gear, engaging in environmentally conscious manufacturing, and/or dedicated to social action to push the outdoor sports we know and love forward. 

We're dedicated hikers, climbers, skiers, snowboarders, bikers, surfers, and outdoor enthusiasts who believe that the companies you choose to support matter. We provide the opportunity to become better acquainted with the brands you know as well as new and small organizations that you never knew you loved.

ReddyYeti's Mission: 

We created ReddyYeti to help outdoor enthusiasts get outside with gear they’ll love from organizations they can get behind. Who you support and where your gear comes from matters and we want to connect you with outdoor organizations you can be proud to support.


Who is Reddy?


Reddy The Yeti was born and raised in a remote location somewhere deep in the wilderness. He has a passion for the outdoors, adventure and everything that comes along with it. Reddy is that friend of yours that always says yes to the ski trip, canoe trip, surf trip, backpacking adventure or anything that pertains to getting outside! One could say that Reddy The Yeti is always ready for any and every adventure. He's kind of like our mascot :) 


Yeah but, what’s ReddyYeti (Like, seriously what does that even mean)?

We’re not a marketing agency, we’re not a digital publication, we’re not an e-commerce site.

ReddyYeti is a digital hub. We’re the intersection for new and small outdoor organizations to proudly share and progress while helping newcomers and veterans of the outdoors get outside and enjoy the sports they love

We started with a podcast because we wanted to tell the stories behind how businesses in the outdoor industry got started, worked, grew, succeeded, and sometimes failed. 

We created a community but, we wanted to do more...

We started our membership because we wanted to encourage our community who is dedicated to learning about and supporting these new and progressive organizations to try gear from new brands who were bringing something new to the table. 

We want to help give small businesses and organizations a fighting chance instead of being completely overshadowed by the big brands that already dominate the industry, while respectfully standing with already established brands who continue to do good by the outdoor sports that we love.

We want you to ENJOY the outdoors whether you’re new or a long time outdoor enthusiast. We want to CONNECT you with brands that you can proudly support. And we want you to be able to find gear you LOVE made from brands that you can get behind!


Join the ReddyYeti Membership& be among the first to find out about the latest gear and save up to 50%

Jeremy Foxx
Jeremy Foxx

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