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Gains Everyday is about healthy lifestyles, motivating people to want to get out and move everyday, and proper nutrition to fuel their bodies. We search through the internet and compile the best high protein, nutrition dense food that is not only healthy, but tastes good as well.

We help people trying to eat healthy without having to decipher the labels. We use established products that people can feel comfort in knowing they are picking a snack or product that is nutritious and high in protein.

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60 Lb Barbell Video Review and Workout

60 lb Barbell Weight Set60 lb Barbell Weight Set-Gains Everyday

    I remember the moment I needed to change. I found myself 40 lbs overweight, sluggish, and unhappy. Going from fat to fit in college, being out of shape was something I never thought I'd find myself again. I've been heavy all my life, but enjoyed all types of sports. When I got to highschool I would get up at 5am and would work on school, homework, and music until 10-11PM at night.  This combined with a poor diet lead me to become 260 lbs.


    My senior year I took a school trip and ended up walking around 4-8hours everyday.  It was hard, my feet hurt, and my entire body ached, but this led to me losing 20 lbs over 2 weeks.  Now under 250lbs I was inspired to keep going.  That mental block of I can’t lose weight finally broken.  I improved my diet, started reading about nutrition, and walked 1-2 hors everyday.  When I saw my weight start to level off and after watching too many Rocky films I added in boxing, running, and calisthenics into my training.  By the time I started college, I was down to 225 lbs and was getting in the best shape of my life.


    With my new found freedom of college I increased my intensity of training and dropped down to 175 lbs in 2 years.  When my 1 mile run felt easy I increased my pace, when weights got light I increased the weight.  With no specific goal in mind I just kept training whatever I enjoyed.  I mixed up the workout everyday and would try rock climbing, MMA, and anything else that peaked my interest.  My focus was on FITNESS not AESTHETICS.  For someone trying to lose weight that is the most important thing to keep in mind.  I may never look like the magazines, but I knew that I could run a mile under 5 minutes and bench 1.5x my weight for reps.  This fitness journey took my 4years and 90 lbs later I became something I never thought I’d be…fit.  My pants size dropped from a hefty 44 inches down to 30.  I started playing sports again and felt the best I ever felt in my entire life.

  • Fit and Healthy Man standing at the base of Mount Hood in Oregon. promoting Gains Everyday health food, protein snack, and fitness equipment store.


    After graduating from college, I was pulled into my old world of working too much and moving too little. I slipped in my habits and nutrition and now weighed 240 lbs with a 38inwaist.  I couldn’t find anything on TV, didn’t feel like playing games so I decided to make the best decision in my life. 

    I went for a walk.

    That was it.  Just one step at a time.

    Just that simple.

    No diet change at all, just added in a 20 minute walk each day.  That 20 minute walk turned into a40 minute walk to the gym where I would just look inside and walk back.  I was way too exhausted to workout when I got there.  I started wonderings “Can I run all the way there?” I put in my headphones started playing the Rocky Theme and after about 15 seconds I realized “No the answer was assuredly no”.  So, I mixed walking and jogging.  I would run for about 10 seconds and then walk for about three minutes.  Then I would run for 20 seconds and walk for 2 minutes. Then I would run for 30 seconds and walk for 1 minute.  I worked this up to where I could run 1minute and walk one minute.  After doing this for about a month, I decided to take the next big leap and go into the gym.  I fought that fear of being judged and just did it.  I put my headphones in and remembered that No…One…Notices.  Truly no one in the gym judges or cares about you. Unless you are screaming your lunges out and slamming the weights most people don’t even realize you are there. They are there just like myself with their headphones in and trying to improve their fitness a little more each day. If anyone does notice they usually have comments such as “great job”, “keep it up”, or other encouragement.  Gym people are some of the nicest people.  I continued this journey and found myself back in shape again after 8 months.  You can do it.  Anyone can do it.  Just need to start.  You can try why I did or find your own method like beachbody on demand or Les Mills on Demand.  But the important thing is just to start getting those GAINS EVERYDAY.

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