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ROWDY BAR Prebiotic Protein Bar Gluten Free, Non GMO, Low Glycemic (Variety Pack, 8 Bar Variety)

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  • EGG WHITE PROTEIN PLUS PRIOBIOTICS – Rowdy Bars are high in protein, low in carbs, low GI, and deliver hard to find plant prebiotics from Yacon Root. They’re also dairy free, gluten free, non-GMO, and an awesome way to fuel up for a hard workout, as a quick breakfast or snack, or to get you through whatever life throws at you next!
  • YACON ROOT SUPERFOOD: The Yacon Root is an ancient superfood full of prebiotics - which help fuel probiotics and the good bacteria in our gut. In addition to improving gut health, Yacon Root lowers blood pressure, helps regulate blood sugar, boosts liver health, keeps bad cholesterol down, sustains energy and helps you retain focus
  • THE PERFECT LOW GLYCEMIC SNACK: Our bars are full of the good stuff and won’t leave you with an aftertaste! Packed with prebiotics, all of our bars are paleo friendly, gluten free, and low in sodium
  • ROWDY PREBIOTIC FOODS: We are a company committed to empowering people to better digestive health so they can restore balance and get back to being themselves, so they can get back to being Rowdy
Rowdy bars are always clean, always nutritious, always delicious. Always 10 ingredients or less and always 95% organic. Rowdy Prebiotic Foods is a company dedicated to providing the fuel and inspiration you need to get back to feeling good, so you can get back to being Rowdy. PALEO-FRIENDLY FLAVORS. PREBIOTIC. GLUTEN FREE. LOW-GLYCEMIC. DAIRY-FREE. SOY-FREE. NON-GMO. ORGANIC. LOW SODIUM.

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