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miR Air Flow Weighted Vest with Zipper Option 20lbs - 60lbs

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  • Front Zipper Design- Zipper is designed to withstand 200lbs of pressure. You will see the Zipper handle which was made specifically for our vest. Designed and tested to last a lifetime. Zip up and workout within a matter of seconds. The zipper gives all user the ability to put on and take off the vest in no time. The zipper is covered under our MIR lifetime warranty.
  • Compact & Comfortable - Compact Design. Vest dimensions. 13" W x 11" L . Each weight weighs 3lbs. The straps design is made to fit all users and to give the snug fit everyone is looking for.
  • Adjustable - the weights are all removable, start light and workout your way up. Adjust the bottom straps to fit any users trying to keep the vest nice and snug to their body.

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