ProMix Whey Protein Isolate Puffs, Chocolate, 30 Servings | 10g Protein, 0g Sugar | Grass Fed Protein Crisps - Gains Everyday

ProMix Whey Protein Isolate Puffs, Chocolate, 30 Servings | 10g Protein, 0g Sugar | Grass Fed Protein Crisps

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Protein Puffs are perfect for building lean muscle and controlling hunger for weight loss. Toss a few scoops into your post-workout smoothie or add clean crunch to your yogurts, oats, and baked goods. Hit your macros every time!

Simple, naturally synergistic ingredients: whey protein concentrate + isolate, non-GMO tapioca, calcium, and non-GMO sunflower lecithin create a texture unlike any other protein supplement. Available in unflavored or chocolate, made with real cocoa to satisfy your sweet tooth.

We know you’re busy, so we take the guesswork out of finding nutritional solutions for your lifestyle. We believe in transparency: small batch processing and third party testing ensures only the best whey protein supplements make it into your pantry. 


  • BETTER NUTRITION: Our chocolate, whey isolate puffs are nutritional gold. With 10g of protein, 0g sugar and only 50 calories per serving, these crunchy puffs provide the optimum combination of ingredients for supplementing your diet
  • MAKES FITNESS FUN: Why use powder when you can add crunch? Mix these fun protein crunchies into your cereal, smoothie bowl, yogurt cup or shake for a boost of energy and better bodybuilding weight loss results for both women and men
  • Unlike other whey proteins, our Northern California source farms ensure year-round grass-fed supply. For over five years we have worked with the same farms. PROMIX brings years of true quality you can trust to your whey protein supplements
  • HIGHER TESTING STANDARDS: PROMIX has higher testing standards on whey quality than any other whey protein: Corn free, soy free, gluten free, non GMO, hormone free and no chemical bleaching or additives. Our vital ingredients are all naturals.
  • MORE THAN JUST WHEY: Our whey miracle formula has 0.75% sunflower lecithin for extra nutrition and to make PROMIX easier to mix than any other whey. Add it to a shake, a smoothie bowl, or your homemade protein bars